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July 28, 2009


Clare Powell

What a lucky find..if its oils it should be okay in the bathroom. Have a good week.

Mrs Bun

A real treat to see such gorgeous images. Talking of unfinished projects - I think it's levels of unfinished. Some are still in my head, some made it to the real world and are now waiting in a basket or bag and some I'm trying to - what's that word again?

Ohh and the Pre-Raphaelites, absolutely love it.


Your new painting is just perfect, even in it's state of unfinished-ness. It's so 1940s (is that a Victory Roll hairdo I see?!) I'm loving Desperate Romantics too! Katie x

SueLovesCherries - My Secret Garden

Wow! That painting is absolutely stunning! And the detail! It looks like the artist was working on an Advertising piece. I'm glad you scooped it up!


Oh thank you!!! I just popped over to thank you for your lovely comment about the site on my blog and find that you are writing about it on your blog too, that;s so kind of you!!!
I love the unfinished painting, perhaps more so because it is unfinished. Keep it in the bathroom and your fingers crossed ...
Loving Desperate Romantics too - Amy Manson is great in it. What wonderful hair ....
Ps So many things to say, your unfinished work is beautiful. I like it just as it is.


Thank you Claire.. so kind of you to mention our new venture..
I must confess that most things don't even get started with me.. let alone finished.
I love the painting in progress.. it has a story of two halves..
A fabulous find.
I love your work as it is..less is definitely more!
Michele x


That painting is amazing, I couldn't have resisted it if I had seen it...beautiful. My husband has started painting pinups , he has painted a George Petty inspired picture for our house - but I'm going to suggest that he leaves the next one un-finished!

Sam x


She is a beauty indeed, I love your pixie drawing. I have recored Desperate Romantics but haven't had a chance to view yet. I have a bit of a thing about Pre-Raphaelite paintings, the colours are so rich and the subjects just beautiful. In fact I have the Midsummer fairy print at the bottom of our bed, see I told you I love pixies and fairies :)
twiggy x


Love the unfinished painting, such detail! Thanks for sharing your holiday with us too!
Rachel x

Angel Jem

Perhaps they got carried away.... and by the time he started to paint again they'd broken up? She is beautiful, though and you get to admire her for ever now!
Also, the 'Desperate Romantics' is such good fun, we watch and laugh the way through. I'd love to see it done as a rock-heavy soundtrack, though. Plenty of Blur and Nirvana!


I like your pixie way 'unfinished' very muchly :)

down pillow

I can not wait to see what you do with the unfinished woman!


Goodness what a find, I just love that painting!


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Staci Severns

I agree. The 'unfinish-ness' of that oil painting is quite adorable! Placing it on your bathroom can definitely add value to the overall look of the room. Yes, steam and humidity in the bathroom is a cause for concern. To address this, you just need to make sure that your bathroom is well ventilated at all times.

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