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June 17, 2007



I'm first!


some of my hubby's favorite concert T-shirts have made my rag-bag (but don't tell him, K?)

(just snagged that great "buy handmade" button. Thanks very much!)


I love old ladies' knickers pink too!


Old lady's knickers pink - I know just the colour!!!!!!!

Rose Vintage

Love your ice-cream colours...Thanks for dropping by on blog. Had my citric acid from last year but it will be interesting to see if I get any comments when I buy my next lot! I love your designs btw



thanks for the comment, I've put your buy handmade logo on my blog. xx


I have some gorgeous tie dye socks, but I save them for special outings because I dont want to wear them out! Unbelievable that midsummer day is almost here!


We have underware grave yards at home too! Why is it that men won't throw old underware out? George just bought some new boxers the other week so I suggested he throw some of the old ones out. He agreed that was a good idea but really he needed to buy some more new ones before he could do that! Of course that won't happen straight away and no doubt when he does he'll tell me he still needs more before a clear out can take place! Really love the photo of the laundry basket. Such pretty colours.


what is it with men and old pants!!!!
old knicker pink is a glorious colour - have you seen the slips over at dottie angel - they would look lovely hanging on your washing line.
have a great week
tracy x


Another old knicker pink devotee here, love the battenburgh colours on your vest and yes we cut up old t-shirts for the workshop too.


One thing's for sure I won't be showing my underwear - you've put me to shame!

We have overflowing drawers of holey boxers, the oldest pair pre-dates us as a couple by about 3 years - we've been together 11 years!! I'm sure they're very comfortable!

That basket of goodies looks scrummy, great colours together.

Julia x

Angel Jem

We'd take the odd socks, as well! I have a daughter who is going through a puppet stage and a son going through a puppy stage.... an imaginary puppy, with a basket of toys that no real puppy will play with. I need to get him a Nintendo.
Or, if they were cute, you could make an advent calendar from 24 numbered odd socks. Yes, I know, who would? (Well, me, actually!)


I love this post! I did my first giveaway, I found it so fun...don't know way. Maybe because it would make someone else so happy.
I think I am a bit of a old lady myself (@ 32). My husband says I have a old lady nik nak home. I love it my home old lady or not!


My husband collects jeans and t-shirts. I am desperate to relegate them to the ragbag but he is far too clever to deceive. Boring! Still, I like you selection and am excited by the prospect of winning some lovely cards in the great giveaway. I have my fingers crossed!


There definitely seems to be a common thread with men and their reulctance to throw out old underpants.

Stephen would kill me if he knew I just told you he keeps all his underpants that are falling apart at the seams for training!

Victoria May Plum

I love pretty pyjamas, they make you feel so nice, granny knickers are too pretty just for grannies. I love the ones with little bows on the front.
I have lots of sets just like those in the basket.
I think the people in the cafe must have thought that you are very mad indeed! I talk to myself quite often!
Enter me, I would love some of your precious little cards.
Victoria x

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