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  • Saturday 26th May 2012

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June 11, 2007



I know what you mean about the British and children in restaurants, sometimes you can almost hear the sigh of despair as you enter with two small children in tow! Although it does make it all the more reawrding when you find a place that welcomes them with open arms.

And...not only do I have slugs, I've been invaded by caterpillars! It's like creepy crawly paradise out there and the lettuces don't look half as appealing covered with that slime!

Glad you enjoyed your trip

Julia x


So glad you enjoyed your hols, but how sad about your freind the bee keeper !
Adore your summer house, divine ... love Julia x


I'm so pleased you had a lovely holiday, I find Dubai an amazing place. We went there last December at a very sad time in our lives and found it uplifting. It is a city full of energy and excitement, yet spiritual, traditional and relaxing. I want to go back! Your roses are just beautiful, I can imagine why you were pleased to come home to them! Jennifer


Glad to hear you had a lovely holiday. I haven't been to Dubai but I have been to Jordan which is also really amazing. So very different from Europe. I think its the mixture of the dessert and the city and the different sounds and smells. Your garden is looking really gorgeous despite the slugs. I love the cute little summer house. Sorry to hear about your bee keeper friend.


sorry for loss of your friend....

it's a fact that if you eat honey that's grown very close to your home that it will help your allergies....the bees are gathering the pollen from the flowers that are in your immediate surroundings....

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