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  • Saturday 26th May 2012

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January 21, 2008



Oh, I love that bag...I want one!! Looking forward to seeing your new items!
Andrea x


Rose and violet cremes are my absolute absolute favourite! I too plan to base myself on the style of Miss Marple (I think I may be more Margarate Rutherford than Joan Hickson). But I suppose I shall have to learn to knit.
I love the 'The fairy cat'!
Cannot wait to see your latest endevour.


Hey honey,
Happy new year, good to see you back.
Loving that bag, are you going to this years CL show? I've already had the paperwork all about it through the door.
Lookl forward to seeing what you're up to. We must get together again for coffee, when you free?

Catherine x


Hiya, Just wondered if you could tell me what the Maidstone Bizarre Bazaar was like? I live in Hastings and have been looking for a funky fair to take a stall? Loved the Christmas Cards by the way, I didn't see them until it was too late to buy them!


I love that bag, what a great sister you have have! Your Fairy Cat is adorable! I can't wait to see what you have made. I am glad to see you back!!


How adorable of your sister to sneek it back to you. I'm no good at secrets i'd have had to given it to you straight away. Or possibly even kept it for myself !


How adorable of your sister to sneek it back to you. I'm no good at secrets i'd have had to given it to you straight away. Or possibly even kept it for myself !


Love the bag and the cat! There's a lot to be said for rose and violet cremes, especially stashed at the bottom of a lovely old handbag! I wouldn't mind being Miss Marple either, I wouldn't mind owning some of her clothes now. She has a nice line in cardigans ... (seriously).


Happy New Year to you! Really good to see you back. I absolutely love that bag! It's totally gorgeous. Also love the sweet little fairy cat. I always think there's something a bit magical and mysterious about cats. Even the ones without fairy wings.


knitted cuteness?????
cannot wait x
t x


*Happy New Year* to you too! Good to see you back again!
I'm a bit of a Miss Marple at heart too, sensible shoes and all that (well for daytime anyhoo)!
Loving that little picture, too cute!
Love Alison x


I adore the fairy cat! So perfectly sweet! And such a lovely bag! I'm not familiar with Rose and Violet Creams but they sound delightful too!(being two of my favorite flavors and hard to come by in the US!)


LOVE the cat and the bag. Will the cat print be available at any time in your store?


Don't keep us in suspense for too long!
Love the bag, not at all granny I think. I too am quite looking forward to being old, so I can behave like a two year old again and people will put it down to age!
Glad you're back, we've missed you!
Julia xx


Belated Happy New Year to you too.

Love the bag.


This cracked me up as I love Miss Marple and frequently find I am making comparisons between myself and her! What's wrong with rose and violet cremes, I love them NOW!!!

Hen x

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