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July 21, 2009


Mrs Bun

First visitor and I'm definately not a crazed fan. You can breathe easy. Loved the sensible portaloo idea - made me hoot. Do those shoes really guarantee a bum like that because I'm off to get some if it's true?

Sounds a great trip.

Lisa x


Wow what an amazing trip - it looks like you packed your holiday full of all the things that make you happy!! I was hooked to this blog post from the very first as wild goose chases are just what I tend to do and it is good to see I'm not alone!! Glad you had a wonderful time (oh and yeah, the "boutique" hotels here in Cambridge tend to be the smaller ones ;o)


Oh what a shame about the Rose Bowl! But now you have an excuse to return.

Aren't Wal-marts fabulous places ;o) My friend and I spend hours in their when we visit and of course like you stock up on LOADS of magazines.

Victoria xx


Oh it all looks so fab honey.
I can't wait to pop round and hear more about it.
Never mind about the flea market there is always next time wink wink! lol
See you soon sweetie.
Lots of love,
Catherine x
Oh and guess what? we're moving just up the road from you this time lol Grange Way!


Hi Claire..
I have been threatening for years to go on a buying spree to California.. or in fact anywhere in the U.S.. but having a lack of money has put a hold on this dream. Instead I have a brother who commutes to the US regularly and I give him my shopping lists of weird and wonderful things.
I was given a couple of Artful Blogging magazines last year .. they are wonderful publications.
Lovely to travel through your eyes and read about your adventures..
Hope you had a fabulous time.
Michele x

chris almond

a portable toilet in Bel Air - how ironic! :)


In a similar vein to Mrs Bun's comment; If wearing those shoes guarantee a bum like that I'm getting my wife some! :) Lovely blog by the way.

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