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October 05, 2009



I don't know about anyone else, but my blog can smell! And your candles smell delicious! What a fun family time!


Thank you for the candle making inspiration. I love candles and feel inspired to have a go too!!!


I can safely say first hand how wonderful the lavender and lime candles smell. And can't wait to have a go with you very soon sweetie.
Yummy almond ones this time.
Well done on your WI, I'm so glad it went well.
Catheirne x


There's nothing like a creative afternoon trying something new. Perhaps you have a candlestick maker in your midst? Or will he be a butcher or a baker? Smiling on the porch tonight...

Thank you for the lovely pictures and instructions- I have been wanting to make some candles for Christmas and was a bit intimidated to do so - but you make it look fun!!
I am off to visit your shop right now!
Warm Wishes,

kitschen pink

oh what fun - now - we need a smelloblog to join in with the real pleasure of the violet candle! t.x


They look so pretty - my sister & I used to make candles when we were young & used coloured wax crayons to colour the wax.


Emma Lightfoot

Hi there, I adore your blog and those candles look fantastic. I purchased a few things from the same place that you got your candle making things from. Can you tell me if you received everything promptly as I have been waiting for nearly 2 weeks now and they are not replying to my phone calls or e-mails!
Many Thanks x

claire maraldo

Hi Emma,

i did have a short delay in one of my orders but it was because it was sent back to them (4candles). On investigation it was a fault with their e form. It missed out the house number form my address. Maybe its worth investigating that. i didnt have a problem in not being able to get through to them though. i hope all your stuff turns up soon.




Those candels turned out lovely, thanks for posting the link to where you got the bits from, think i might try it for myself! Well done!

Emma Lightfoot

Thanks Claire, I will keep trying to get hold of them!! x

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