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  • Saturday 26th May 2012

Furry Friends

  • Percy -master of the filthy look
  • Queen Boudicca -she rules!
  • RIP Bluebell
  • Oskar RIP sweet boy

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May 02, 2012



Absolutely gorgeous. You will have your hands full over the coming weeks - but what fun!


Such excitement! I can't believe that you were the only one in the house wanting to watch the entire process. Now you have so much fun to look forward to; watching to see who opens his/her eyes first, who scrambles out of the kitten box first, and the entertaining parade when the new mom decides to move the family to a new location.

Donna Flower

OMG OMG OMG!!!! Cuteness overload Mrs Pixie!!! You go off the radar for ages and then come back with this blinder of a post, woo hoo :-)

Such lovely little fluffballs and what a wonderful thing to have witnessed, if scary at times. I look forward to seeing regular updates from now on.

Welcome back gorgeous, I have missed you x


There's nothing like a little ball of fur to make me go.. awwwwww!
I am sure you made a perfect midwife for Queenie.. Did you boil lots of kettles and find some sheets? That's all I know about midwifery.. and how to panic.. big time!
I hope to see lots of progress snaps of the furry family!
Welcome back to blogland.. a great comeback!
Michele xx

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